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Ltd HumanCapital Managment Pvt. Enterprises the luxury hotel yy Integrated Asssessment service pvt. Inverted in the case of Fang. Canyon in his apartment while 99 is away on assignment in the episode "One Nation Invisible". However, the good doctor was invisible when first Max met her, and he didn't realize she would turn out to be a Hot Scientist.

Naturally, 99 comes in and discovers the suddenly-visible Dr. Canyon in their bed and jumps to conclusions. The initiation test is jousting on motorcycles. The animated wax dummy of Jack the Ripper in "House of Max". My Horse Is a Motorbike: The medievel-themed biker gang which jousted on motorbikes. Max hides his face behind an upside-down newspaper when meeting another agent who also hides behind an upside-down newspaper.

Agent 99 and Da Chief. The Chief's first name is given as Thaddeus eventually, although his last name remains a mystery. However, he frequently uses the alias "Harold Clark". In another episode Max calls her by a name and 99 replies he never used that name for her In one episode where 99's mother appeared, she was addressed as Mrs. And in the last season, the Smarts being married at least a whole year, someone asks Max why he called her '99'; he matter-of-factly replies "I don't know her name.

No Sense of Direction: Max once got lost in The Pentagon. Then again, The Pentagon has a total of But even if they do get a man into the Pentagon, that's not saying he'll be able to get out.

I remember one of our own agents was lost in there for three days. Max, no agent could be that confused. Well, let me see now. I went in there on a Thursday It's in the title of The Nude Bomb. The crippled Portugese polo player in "Ship of Spies". Who "isn't crippled, isn't Portugese, and probably isn't even a polo player.

Barbara Feldon was taller than Don Adams, requiring the use of every trick in the book to create the illusion of the opposite. On the bright side, this made Agent 99 probably the only woman in all Spy Fiction to wear practical footwear, as she almost never appears in high heels. Even 99 had her moments. Get Smart was purportedly a parody of The Man From Uncle , itself supposedly a parody of James Bond movies ironically, James Bond was originally meant to be a parody itself, of even earlier so-called "serious" spy films.

And according to some quarters, Get Smart was in turn parodied by Inspector Gadget! It's a chain of parodic proportions! In a combination of these two tropes, 99 has a red revolver. Max has to pretend to be an alcoholic in one episode. He is issued a pill to keep under his tongue that absorbs all the alcohol he drinks. As he puts it, "I'll look drunk, act drunk, even smell drunk, but I'll be stone sober! Max has one loaded with a paralysis drug. Fang aka Agent K While writing the pilot episode, it took all the restraint I could muster to keep from calling Fang 'Agent K-9'.

Max goes undercover as a KAOS official, but after getting found out, he leads repeated breakout attempts. In "A Spy for a Spy", Max and Siegfried kidnap important members of each other's organizations, and then try a traditional swap. When they double-cross each other, and continue abducting each other's staff, it escalates to the point that they eventually kidnap all the agents of the other side except each other. Max and Siegfried then hold a meeting, and try to exchange employees according to their own organizational deficiencies.

And hidden inside the camera is a tiny tape recorder. In "Little Black Book Part 2" Max uses the old false hands in the chain trick to make his captors think that he has been chained to a wall, and then when they leave he gets out easily. The Chief disguised as a singing waiter communicates a message to Max and 99 by slipping code phrases into the song he is singing.

Max is infiltrating a camp of desert nomads when he bumps into a massive guard Max: Well, maybe you know this one. Max does this when he tries to infiltrate a KAOS-run play. The animated Inspector Gadget was basically Get Smart with wacky gadgets and a little girl to save the day.

Inspector Gadget was even voiced by Don Adams. Not from KAOS, that is. However, it seems that the movie and other sources pretty much establish him as the group's leader. Quite a few, but the Cone of Silence used almost once an episode deserves special mention.

Safety in Muggles Scooby-Dooby Doors: In "Ship of Spies", the captain of the ship has a peg leg which makes a distinctive "clip-clop" sound when he walks — but so does practically everything else on the ship. Max may be The Ditz , but he can nonetheless correctly deduce that, say, a bomb has been planted in a vehicle by the position of leaves on the windshield, or that a villain is planning an attack using knockout gas based on a comment he makes about how a flower smells.

Trope namer, from Smart's literal shoe phone. Anything that Max can put an "86" on, he will. Signed Up for the Dental: Slept Through the Apocalypse: He did this because he had been given an executive order to remain at his post. This order had been issued by President Nixon. The movie takes place at either the very end of the Reagan administration or the very beginning of the G.

When Max goes to close them manually, they shut on his nose. Let's face it, for an Idiot Hero , Max certainly has his moments of brilliance. When he does, it's generally a moment of awesome by default. The plan was to make it seem like Max was in dire need of funds, and that a significantly large sum would make him defect to KAOS. Unfortunately, try as he might, Max kept on winning money on slot machines and poker games. Parodied in an episode where Professor Carlson, a Control scientist, is giving Max and 99 equipment for their next assignment.

We've developed this special equipment. Inside this camera is a hidden tape recorder. And this tape recorder actually conceals a hidden camera! May I ask you a question, Professor Carlson? Eh, why hide a tape recorder in a camera and a camera in a tape recorder? Why not just take pictures with the camera and record with the recorder? Because my mind doesn't work that way, that's why.

A spoof of one, anyway. The British spy in "Aboard the Orient Express" holds a fairly casual conversation before mentioning that he has a knife in his back, which is quickly followed by him collapsing and dying. Strange Minds Think Alike: In The Nude Bomb , Max's co-agent starts to ask him something, but he interrupts her and explains that while he understands, it's a firm rule of his never to have sex with his co-workers during a mission.

It turns out that, yes, that was exactly what she was going to ask for. Agent 13 for Agent 44, and Dr. He then plays the bumbling fool Max usually is. Talking the Monster to Death: See Warrior Therapist trope below. One episode has Max receive his orders from the Chief on a prerecorded message. It replies to a couple of things Max says.

This Page Will Self-Destruct: Inverted in the episode named what else "The Impossible Mission" ; the tape message from the Chief is supposed to self-destruct, but instead most of Max's surroundings blow up, leaving the tape recorder intact. Max tries to break the tape recorder, which is loudly repeating its message, but it is apparently indestructible.

Thriller on the Express: Don Adams was two inches shorter than Barbara Feldon. In one retrospective interview, Feldon joked that she was the only actress in Hollywood who had calluses on her ankles, since she would roll her ankles, throw out her hip, bow her head, anything she could do to make the height difference less obvious.

Often at the end of the episode's intro. Intercept Maxwell Smart at his apartment and get that book back. You sure have a way with words. Before the third season, episodes would be wrapped up before a final humorous scene after a commercial break.

However, starting early in the third season, many episodes would have a cliffhanger before the final break, which would be resolved immediately when the show's final scene resumes. A retired spy living at an Old Spy Home is tortured for the whereabouts of his diary, in which he has written down many secret things, but he successfully resists.

Max does not fear being fired. If there's a female KAOS agent, she's probably one of these. The Walls Are Closing In: Max and 99 fall into and escape this trap in "Dr. It was in a mobile home, so the trap was portable, too. A bunsen burner phone makes an appearance in an episode. A hotline, as Max lampshades. KAOS agents have a better union, or at least one able to give them better benefits.

This becomes a plot point a number of times. Imagine CIA agents going on strike for greater benefits! In the TV movie, a sidekick and a Mook grab decorative swords to fight each other, but they can barely lift them above waist level. Unlike actual swords for combat, which tend to be only a few kilograms at most, decorative swords can be as heavy as the particular maker likes.

Max in " Greer Window ". With My Hands Tied: Played with in one episode, where Max and his friend Sid are shackled by their hands in front of a deathtrap. Max frees himself by releasing the fake hands that were bound by the shackles. Hinted between Siegfried and Max: Then again, maybe Siegfried does this to trick Max into breaking his phone, as he explicitly counted on Max breaking his shoe phone at least once when on a submarine. Most notably, Leonard Strong as "The Craw".

Yiddish as a Second Language: The entire show can be taken as a riff on Jewish stereotypes of the time being applied to the spy genre - almost everything from the name of the robot Hymie to Max's "Would you believe?

No surprise at all, given that the show was created by Mel Brooks. You Are Number 6: