T3B Stock Trading Course

Keane Lee is the founder of the T3B™ System, a proprietary system that has benefited him and many others. He became a multi-millionaire through trading and investing using the T3B™ System. Keane obtained his dealer's representative license and was a dealer rep, proficient in various systems, strategies, and indicators.

The time now is Stock investment is often one of the hottest avenues for building one's wealth. Screen shots posted by sushilgirdher and its image are also closer to original except that peak should have been Did a search for T3B hoping to find some feedbacks.

Trade in Rs 20, No more % brokerage

Announcement. We are proud and excited to announce to all our members that we have included a new system in T3B. This amazing system is designed with ease of use in mind and allow stock picks to be done in various markets while other may be in the red.

At that time i don't know anything about stock market and hear the preview i just jump in and joint. My friend lost quite abit of money using TB3 system. I don't really trust all this system. I based on 1 logic, if the system works, why would he be so kind to share? Why would he waste his time to teach? We also offer a wide array of corporate solutions that are fundamental to businesses. More information can be found on www. IF he is so good to help people, he will not talk so big about how special his system.

Just some input for any one who want learn to trade: If u really have to attend the course choose the one teach u how to read and see the technicals analysis not the one with software and u don't even know what is inside the software. Having read the comments, I agree with Smeagol.

To be a successful trader, we need 3 important fundamentals Money management Trading Psychology Accuracy Before paying for many thousands a course that lasts only a few days, a few important questions need to be asked: How much time is spent on money management and how thorough is the money management method?

How much time is spent on psychology and how good is it? How much time is being spent on the method? How much time is spent to orientate the novice on the trading method, platform and basic technicalities of the trade? It can then be easily seen that such courses may not be able to fulfill everything that is needed to be a successful trader. Questions that need to be asked of the instructor: How good is the instructor?

Is he or she more a trader or more an instructor? If he is more a trader, why does he need to teach for a living? Is it because trading is not so profitable? If he does not need to teach for a living, why does he need to charge so much?

What is the success rate of the method the instructor experienced? Is he able to provide an audited track record of his trades the last few years? Other questions that need to be asked: Why is there a need for a proprietary method when there are so many publicly available that is making profits for many people like me already? What will happen if this proprietary service suddenly stops? Is there support after the course? If yes, is it one-on-one or is it conducted in a big group?

If in a big group — will it really be beneficial? If one-on-one, how good is the instructor? I sincerely advise anyone reading to seriously consider these points before committing your hard earned money on any such courses. Quoting from a book by Weintraub "Beware of the jokers claiming to know how to make a fortune in a short time.

They tend to rehash seasonals or recycle old overbought and oversold indicators … or they create indicators based on common patterns and call them cute and funny names. Last edited by KenL; 6th February at Originally Posted by Smeagol. Beware of Phishing New version of DrivePro 10 Body Camera American can expat notes that uneducated Singaporean pedestrians create absolute chao 'Toxic effects' found when gut bacteria exposed to artificial sweeteners: Study KKH investigating prescription of 'expired' medication to baby IT glitch resulting in mislabelled medicine caused by human error: Funan to open two months earlier in 2nd quarter of The time now is Why aren't you a member of SGClub.

Page 2 of 2. Look quite impressive for me, but not sure if I am able to trade without the software. I am not sure why you intend to go for stocks course. Is it you interested in trading, or because you see the bull is here and you decided to make quick bucks. I can tell you from my experience which is not alot though they is no such things.

From the preview I go, I feel chart nexus will only works if you have the holding power, or money to pick up the shares. But you might want to give their course a miss as they are just selling you the blackbox. It sure sounds easy money, but you can't trade in the future if they stop sell the box to you, which I feel trading, must be from you, not relying on others to trade for you.

Well, I am students of another course, which I feel is much much better then the 2 mention above. It is not appropriate for me to list here, as some might think I am helping them to sell. If you are interested, PM me instead I will let you know more detail. Often than not, fundamentals are factored into prices. Price Action reigns supreme for the smart traders.

In fact, Price is the absolute indicator. We identify stocks when they are trending either up or down. The S2 strategy enables you to make maximum profits in crashing markets by continuously short selling down trending stocks. The Back-Testing exercise is very important for a new T3B student to understand and gain control over his trading system because it involves reconstructing, with the help of charts, entry and exit signals that would have occurred in the past using T3B rules.

During the session students often come across emotions that obstruct their trading decisions. The results also help the students gain confidence on the system and the highlight the effectiveness of the system.

Using back-testing even after the course, students can improve on their trading psychology and money management skills and gain confidence to trade in actual market. As a matter of fact research shows that investors often get emotionally attached to stock even if they have not made any money out of the stock just because of the fact that they have been holding on to it for very long.

People often do not sell stocks fearing that the stock would soar up once they unload it from their portfolio. Many students have benefited from this session and have effectively shaped up their portfolios to achieve excellent profits. T3B Trader System is a Traders dream come true.

It a safe and exceptional stock trading system that produces phenomenal results. Because of these advantages you would never feel lost or alone in the chaotic stock market. Founded by Keane Lee, a self-made millionaire, the T3B System or Track the Trend Breakthrough System is a time-tested approach to making money in the stock market irrespective of the market mood. T3B System tracks the price movement of stocks and derivatives before they break up or down, thus profiting in both buy and sell-short positions.

Shoeb Burhani, who also become a millionaire after doing the T3B course. Burhani, MBBS, left his full time job to trade on the stock market following the T3B System, and since it required very few hours a day and could be managed through the internet, decided to return to India and open the regional practice of the T3B System.

The centres are growing and soon every major city and town will have a T3B Centre. Some of the salient features and benefits of the T3B System are: Powerful yet Simple to Understand No need to be the expert.

The System guides you throughout Makes you a smart trader following the Smart Money Generates fantastic returns Has been proven with time Makes money during Bull, Bear and Flat markets Minimizes losses and maximizes profits.

Course Curriculum The course covers the following topics Psychology-of-Trading: Principles of T3B System a. To track breakthrough stocks, up or down and capture big moves. Otherwise, known as Anticipative System. Mumbai, Andheri East Head Office: T3B Systems India Pvt. Ltd What is T3B System? What I understood that they know all the trading pattern even operators are coming to them for Tips and they are earning handsomely from Stock market.

They have their own forum where they discuss with newbie. BB code is On. The time now is Contact Us - indiTraders. Add Thread to del. Page 1 of 2. T3B system Any one at here used T3B system , kindly share ur thoughs on it.