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September 29, , For those that used my link to sign up for SNW Elite ill send this free. August 25, , Of course the key thing to remember when trading news events is that they are not all the same. You can get a very fast click but a late entry and bad fills from the broker.

News Trading Tips

FNG (forex news gun) doesn't work alternative. Started by Paulh. 5 Replies Views June 28, , AM by pakeha: Positive Thoughts about Indicators.

If the price move keeps going, great. But you are just as likely to see a pullback and massive DD first, so your profit is likely to be minimal even then, and if the initial spike was an incorrect knee-jerk and the actual reaction is opposite once the market digests it, then double whammy, and massive loss.

I tried fundamentaltrader, secretnewsweapon and macrospike. MacroSpike is the best in my opinion, because they are taking the concept of trading the news further and have a scientific approach that factors in the fundamental landscape. I hold the opinion that you get what you pay for. FNG was a free service and could not deliver quality and realiability at zero cost. I think the secret news weapon is still good, but it is a bit unflexible.

FLechdrop Full Member Posts: But this is just my impression, no research. Paul It depends on the news trading strategy that you are using. If you want to trade the deviation from the expectation then you need software that provides a "lightning fast" response to the news release.

This means that the vendor will need access to a high-end news feed s , otherwise forget it. If you want to trade a straddle put a buy and sell order ahead of the news event then you must have software that provides a floating straddle, where the straddle moves up and down with price prior to the news release.

This avoids the issue of being spiked out of the trade prior to the news release when a fixed straddle is used. The news event retracement trades are a more hit and miss and definitely not the place to start news trading.

Of course the key thing to remember when trading news events is that they are not all the same. They are designed to trade fast news spikes. Both systems comes in different forms like expert advisers, scripts, manual systems, stand alone client systems, executable programs, signal services, e. News trading can be very lucrative but at the same time very risky due to extreme volatility. But with the right tools and good broker you can make the best out of it.

Feel free to contact us for some of these tools, which would help you get prepared before the news release occurs. Newer Post Older Post Home. The server is the core system which handles the news feed, client data, and news trading strategy. Signals are sent from the server to the client app, which is mostly in the form of an EA, Indicator or Scripts installed in the trader's subscriber trading platform. The client app connects to the server from the trading platform where it picks the signal to straddle the news release.

Other functions such as deleting and modifying orders can be controlled from the server or the client system. The system generates its decision to buy or sell through its inbuilt logic, which checks the difference between the forecast and previous figures to ascertain if the deviation figure is met.

Much more accurate than auto click systems because they are rarely exposed to requotes, slippage and latency issues. You stand a better chance to get good fills since pending orders are set on the client platform, and activated in the broker's server. You can get a very fast click but a late entry and bad fills from the broker. Sometimes the high impact of the news can make the market move in lightning speed which sometimes is much faster than the auto click system thereby causing inaccurate entries.

However speed is a factor but not too necessary. Genesis Matrix Trading Experiences Started by dasher Outside the Box HK trade system -- mathematician, poet, holistic hippie, dad Started by outsidetheboxhk. Trade Complete or Upcoming Harmonic Patterns? Forex Trend Detector by anjelo [ Today at FX Viper by ahtiong [ Yesterday at Will cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin ever gain mass adoption?

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