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An Option Grid is a brief summary of options organized in tabular format, limited to one side of standard size paper (see Fig. 1 – Option Grid for breast cancer surgery). The questions that patients frequently ask (FAQs), derived from patients’ common concerns, form the table rows.

Treatment Options Stenosis of Lower Back: Object[] , setInitialSelectionValue java.

Trade Grid Options

Prompts the user for input in a blocking dialog where the initial selection, possible selections, and all other options can be specified. The user will able to choose from selectionValues, where null implies the user can input whatever they wish, usually by means of a seat1500.tklSelectionValue is the initial value to prompt the user with.

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The Collaborative operates under a Creative Commons license , which is a type of public copyright license that enables authors to give others the right to collaborate and build upon their work according to guidelines specified by the author. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Option Grid. Shared decision making made easier".

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