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Forex Envy reviews and ratings, an MetaTrader expert advisor forex trading robot rated and reviewed by forex traders/5.

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Forex Robots No Comments. Performance Vendor Account Customer 1 Customer 2. This isn't an official vendor account of Forex Envy, but at least it's something. Previous Forex Signal Safe Review. Next Blooming Pips Review. Forex Flex EA August 07, Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

Forex Flex EA TriStar Trader Review — Scam? Forex Galactico Review This article is obsolete and no longer maintained. There is a chance to completely wipe out an account which is greatly increased in case of improper use.

It is strongly recommended to only use Forex Envy as recommended by the vendor. Furthermore, it is a good idea to aim to make withdrawals that amount to the sum of the deposit prior to any attempt to increase the account size. When using any martingale EA except the strictly limited ones , it is also a good idea to withdraw regularly even after you recovered your initial deposit.

To illustrate the minimum starting balances with a leverage of 1: Subscribe to this topic. They really works hard and they answer questions in depth.

Can share the setting for this ea? I am thinking of purchasing this ea. I am currently using tomsea and the dd is horrendous. People who get onto this discussion forum know full well that this EA is 'commercial' and other users have paid for it. It really peeves me when you constantly see one-off comments saying 'can share set files please' or 'can you show me program files'.

These poeple are like sea gulls just hanging around waiting for a free chip to hit the ground. Constantly in search of a hand out for nothing. Years ago, kids hanging around scabbing like this use to get bashed at school. I guess they've grown up now and come here bludging. Can't get it out of their cheapskate blood. If you can't afford an EA, you're playing in the wrong playground. Good luck to the rest of you who like me, have paid for someone elses time and investment.